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hi, brenda. i just added this space so that you can have more room to chat and post and not get cut off like in the comments. that way everyone's stuff can be in one space. a little like a wall. xxoo

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  Rob took this pic at the Inerfaith Peace March 2010. Here I'm trading jokes and stories with a cancer research doctor  from Penn.

 thank you Lisa, it is very appreciated. xoxox

you're very welcome, brenda. you can sign in via twitter if you're on there. we're all learning over here, so maybe we can make this period of exile a bit easier using some of the things we have at our fingertips here. i know you feel cut off, but we're all here

  Just found the reply box. this works.

  here we are , it's Monday, some idiot in Wisconsin went on a shooting rampage and thought he was going for Muslims when he killed Sikhs. People are criticizing Gabby Douglas' hair and uniform choice. And I can 't go on Fb and talk about any of it. Thanks for finding me MR!  thanks for making the chat, Lisa xo  this is an experiment.

  What I'm concerned with ( besides the easy access to guns & ammo) is the disregard for life, and the right of innocents to live. The explanation being given is that the assassin thought the Sikhs were Muslims. He didn't know the difference,as if going on a  killing rampage in  a mosque full of innocents would have been ok. Understandable even. it isn't.  

   Understanding that the Sikh faith is monotheistic and expresses solidarity, brotherhood and respect for all religions is essential. No one wants to do the simple research needed  to develop a basic understanding of how different the Sikh faith is from Islam.  If the research was done, people would understand how abrasive the explanation that the shooter thought they were Muslim feels. 

Gabby is a credit to the youth of America and they should leave her alone!!

As for the Sikh vs. Shiites, it shows that hatred and ignorance go hand and hand!!  After 9/11, there was a shooting in a gas station by us that Bart frequented.  The guy who shot up the gas station was shooting at "the guys who blew up the Trade Centers"!!  Luckily, no one was hurt!! Bart stopped by to see them, and they didn't understand.  Bart tried to explain the ignorance.  None of this is helping the climate of the world...


   ok, we'll never figure out why people hate and how to stop it... So we'll leave the Wisconsin horror alone..

   The thing that bugged me most about the criticism of Gabby Douglas was a guy on morning tv complaining that she wore pink. He asked, 'What's wrong with showing your support for American Exceptional ism?", (I'm thinking,' maybe it's that you forgot to notice that winning the gold was pretty exceptional!'), he thought she should wear something more patriotic, and that, to him ,was worth complaining about on TV. Sheesh. what silliness.

That is ridiculous!!  All she did was say how proud she was to win for the US and thanked God!!  She's sweeter than sugar!  SHEESH is right!!

  and she smiled sweetly too. I really like the kid, she's talented, hard working and has a kind disposition. she wasn't as tense as some of the competitors, and that was appealing to me.




Me, too!!  I have a few I just love, and she's one of them!!  Are you heading up to Vermont?  If so, safe travels!!



  I'm doing chores still, Rob's getting some rest, but we'll leave in a few more hours.

I'm a little apprehensive, this time is with the cats, and neither Rob , or I are up to full speed. He's hobbling and I'm coughing & blowing my nose. Ick!  We'll stay up for over a week, come back , pack , and be back up to St. J before labor day.   After that , (mid-September?) comes the empty the apartment and move it all up , that will be the 'real move'.

   I will still have to come back to Philly finish up Dad's stuff and then there's a Dead Milkmen Halloween gig.. but I'll stay with friends or in a B & B those times.

   xo, B.



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